Prestige Language School
PRESTIGE EUROLANGUAGE STUDIES is a language school founded in 1998, in Marousi, Athens. In 2011, a branch in Gerakas, Athens, was also set up. Our language school has a strong reputation and is amongst the most highly regarded language schools in the northern suburbs of Athens.
Our goal is to offer the best in the field of learning foreign languages and ensure that students achieve their goal in the language they have set out to learn. Our language school applies teaching methods that help students develop both linguistic and learning skills in the language they have chosen to study.
Our relationship with parents and students is of mutual appreciation, respect and trust. Parents and students are aware from the very beginning that our school is the place to learn!
Teaching Staff
Our teaching staff are well qualified teachers holding university degrees with a wealth of experience in teaching foreign languages. Apart from these qualities, our teachers are native speakers and thus ensure that students are getting taught correctly. Moreover, learners have the opportunity to listen to the correct pronunciation of the language they are being taught. During the course of the lesson, teachers encourage and insist that students use and communicate in the language they are learning. Students of all ages easily connect with the teachers who stongly emanate personality traits such as kindness, friendliness, positive attitudes and a sense of security.  
The foreign languages taught at our school are English, German and French. We prepare students for a variety of certificates and cater for different language needs. We pride ourselves in the high success rate our students have in the examinations they sit for. The most common certificates we prepare students for are B2-C2 levels: English Certificates - Cambridge University (FCE-CPE-IELTS) and the University of Michigan (ECCE-ECPE-TOEIC), German Certificates - Goethe Institute and OSD Institute (B1-C2 levels) and French Certificates - French Institute (DELF-DALF-SORBONNE).  Through our courses and preparation for examinations and certificates, we help learners develop their ability in learning the foreign language and individualise study skills. Our aim is not only for our students to obtain certification in the foreign language they are learning, but to help them acquire the skills needed to learn the language that will last a lifetime.
Online Courses
PRESTIGE EUROLANGUAGE STUDIES is now reaching out to learners all over Greece and abroad. We are offering online lessons to learners who want to learn or improve their English but are not able to attend lessons at our school due to factors such as distance, work, and family-related issues.  These courses are individualised courses, which means learners work at their own pace. Learners have access to practice tests, which provide immediate feedback upon completion of the test, and are also able to schedule online speaking sessions with one of our highly-experienced English teachers. We are looking to expand our online lessons to French and German in the near future.  Send us an email for further information

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Υπενθυμίζουμε ότι οι εγγραφές ξεκινούν την Tετάρτη, 1η Σεπτεμβρίου 2021.

Με απόλυτο σεβασμό για την ασφάλειά σας και για να αποφευχθεί ο συνωστισμός στο χώρο του φροντιστηρίου, θα μπορείτε να ενημερωθείτε για τα προγράμματα των τμημάτων και λοιπές πληροφορίες διαδικτυακά (μέσω Webex) από 1 έως ...

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